Accordiola grande concerto Klub Musette
under the direction of Peter Weda
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Klub Musette is a product of the Folk Music School Peter Weda, under the direction of the certified music teacher Peter Weda.

In 1974, Peter Weda started with Klub Musette. It was then mainly an accordion companionship. During the years after, they became assistance of percussion instruments, guitars, cello, marimba, organ, keyboard, piano, accordina, the "singing saw", flex-a-tone, xylophone, trumpet …

Klub Musette performed already hundreds of concerts at home and in foreign countries. In Cannes (F), Luxembourg (L), Baden-Baden (GER), Tilburg (NL), Rimini (It), Lido di Fermo (It) and the Dolomites (It), they became European champion in higher department. Klub Musette received the medal to extension of art from the ministry of Dutch culture of the folk music and praise of the jury from the European accordion Commission for his performances.

For radio and TV, Klub Musette is not a stranger. They were guest at several VRT-programs. Dominated by the “year of the child”, Klub Musette carried out the "Waltz of Petra" (Petrawals), for BRT-television.

You can hear Klub Musette regularly on several radio programs like "Golfbreker aan zee ", "Radio Luxemburg ", "Deutsche Rundfunk ", "Radio France ", Radio Limburg, Radio 2 and others.

The repertoire of Klub Musette goes of slightly traditional music, musette to contemporary music. The enthusiasm of the musicians led to the realisation of several CD’s.

Also is the most of the music, Klub Musette plays, written by their conductor Peter Weda. With pleasure, they practise the work. Together they have realised already much, like concerts and contests at home and in foreign countries, performances for radio and TV and the recording of three full CD’s.